Vegetative Recycling

S. Rotondi & Sons, Inc.


Top Soil

 ½” Screened Mixed Soil blended from specifically chosen compost, sand, clay and organic humus to produce a premium topsoil well suited for lawn seeding applications and garden instillations. 

Dyed Mulchs:

Black, Brown & Red

Using select light hardwood logs and brush that we double grind and then dye with 100% natural dye that is safe for all environments. Our dyed mulches do not contain any pallet wood, using only natural logs. 

Stone & Sand

¾ in Q.P., ¾ in Clean Stone, Stone Dust & Sand.


½” Screened 100% Organic Compost- Produced from a controlled mixture of leaves, grass and woodchips, turned for proper aeration and composted fully to proper maturity. Nutrient-rich and ideal for planting bushes, trees and most plants; a natural soil additive that’s great when tilled into your garden or to add nutrients to your lawn in the fall. 


Double Ground Dark

 Rich, dark hardwood mulch, double ground to a uniform consistency and aged to a dark brown color that is great for plant beds, tree root systems and all other mulch needs.